I’ve spent the last few days scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, checking out countless real estate agents and residential marketing services and all sorts of other pages related in ways both small and large to residential real estate marketing. I’d like to introduce you to a few that I’ve grown to really appreciate. Like Joe Spake at InCity Realty in Memphis, TN.

Now, full disclosure, I know Joe from many, many years ago. I was once the Office Administrator at the Crye-Leike branch office he was affiliated with about ten or so years ago. That being said, he has no idea I’m writing about him.

Joe is a residential real estate broker, and as long as I’ve known him he has always sought ways to use technology and social media to improve his business. As you might imagine from that description, Joe uses a number of social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Flckr, and WordPress to name a few. While he does a great job of managing all of them, I am partial to his Facebook page, Joe Spake Real Estate.

Joe uses his Facebook page to posts lots of information about real estate, both national and local, but he doesn’t just stick to that. There are lots of posts about Memphis, like fun places to eat, interesting places to visit, and exciting events happening in the city. Also included is helpful information about topics of current interest, like tax tips, since tax season is upon us. There’s a smattering of self promotion, but there is far more content that falls into the information category.

Joe will find interesting stories, funny lists, and create his own content through his blog and post it to Facebook. He responds to comments and encourages people to give him more info on a topic, let him know their feelings about something, or even just give his opinion on something, which its self can open the door for a conversation. It’s all around well done and interesting. A great resource for the general public and real estate associates.

One of the biggest names in Memphis Real Estate is Judy McLellan, perhaps better known as JudyMac. She’s held the #1 seller spot at Crye-Leike, Realtors for nearly twenty years. She has a whole team behind her, including her husband Mickey, that help her succeed, and it’s clear that they know what they’re doing.

JudyMac’s Twitter feed is a great showcase of the skill of this team. In my browsing I didn’t run across any original content, but the content they are posting and sharing is interesting and relevant to real estate on a local or national level. There are links to serious stories about marketing in real estate and links to lighter stories like why you should have a multi-screen TV. Plus, much like Joe Spake, JudyMac tweets about Memphis happenings as well.

You see a lot of interaction from the JudyMac team, from retweets to replies, and there is a lot of participating in community events, like the initiative to get Savannah Guthrie to speak at the University of Memphis Law School’s graduation and joining in support of a fellow Memphian whose husband is in the hospital. Whoever is managing this account for the JudyMac Team gives it a sense of being personable, which is a great quality in any setting, but especially online.

Let’s venture outside of Memphis and check out Liz Evangelatos. She is not a real estate agent, but she is a marketing professional in Ukiah, California. Her specialty is managing your brand on social media, and though not directly stated in her description, her tweets seem to indicate she is geared towards real estate professionals.

Since social media is her job, you can imagine how engaging her tweets are. She’s posting her own content and has created a hashtag for her advice, #LizsTips. She’s also posting other relevant content, like how to market your home on Pinterest. A lot of the page is just her posting advice or encouragement for people trying to market their brand. She engages in lots of conversations, so there are lots of replies and retweets, too, which gives it a unique energy.

Lastly, there’s a community Facebook page aptly titled Real Estate Marketing Ideas. Although not directly state on the Twitter account, I believe this to be the work of Lynn Albro in Modesto, California. She’s the author of the blog that is linked in the About section of the page.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas gives you more than just marketing ideas. Most of the posts are links to other stories and articles, and while many are on realestate, so are focused on other topics, like finances. There’s lighter stories, like real estate photos of really gorgeous properties, and really important stories about trends in the industry. There’s also a number of links to the blog, which does focus mostly on marketing tips and strategies.

If I’ve learned anything from browsing through these and other real estate marketing pages, it’s that the web boom has certainly given real estate a face lift, and that means an agent’s marketing strategy will need a face lift, too. Seeking out great resources from people who are doing it right is a great first step. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.