Sunday is a sacred day in the real estate world: open house day. After lunch agents across the land put up their signs, open up houses, lay out their information, and wait. Some days it’s a long wait. That’s what the Carters said today at the 3rd house I visited, this really great house in Arlington. They are a real estate team, a married couple, and they said the normal flow of young couples just wasn’t happening today.

My open house plan didn’t work out like I wanted, either. With my daughter along for the ride, I mapped a fabulous route. The first house was great.

Jeffrey Britt is an Affiliate Broker with Coldwell Banker, and the listing agent for this house. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and possibly possesses secret real estate agent powers. Despite the fact that I like my house and we are in no position to sell or buy, and despite the fact that this house is considerably smaller than the house I have now, I really wanted to buy it.

House #2 wasn’t so magical.

House #3 was a contender, though.

We struck out with the next 3, yes, 3 houses. One of them I couldn’t even find. The other two were model homes, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the open house experience I was going for. We did have some fun scoping out neighborhoods, though.

And maybe we peeked in on a few new construction houses that looked lonely.