Reflect on your experience with viral content. Did it work? What did you do
to try to make your content go viral, and what (if anything) should you have done
differently? Consider viral content you’ve seen recently. What about it made you want to
click, share or like? Why?

Since this blog is also a school project, we had a fun little assignment last week to try an make something go viral related to our blog beat. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s not a lot of viral content about real estate out there. I made a list of reasons to move to Memphis. So, it didn’t gain much traction, but I’m going to try again with it this week because I did a LOT wrong. I only posted it to Twitter and since I do all of my work in the evenings after the kids are sleeping, I did not advantage of timing.

I do think the content is solid, though. I like lists, they usually get my attention and I’m often sharing them. I also find myself sharing content that makes me feel something, whether it’s funny or sad. I’m hoping this list makes Memphians feel a little pride. It’s easy to get caught up in all the bad of the city, but there are fabulous things about our city, too! I also hope I can make prospective home buyers realize Memphis isn’t a definite no. Just take a look!