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This is me:
Amber Hampton

These are some words that describe me:

Writer. Photographer. Designer.
Wife. Mother. Big Sister. Daughter.
Cider Drinker. Volunteer Junkie. Career Student.

These are some things to remember before commenting:

As a journalism major I put a lot of stock in the first amendment, specifically that part about free speech. I’m keeping first amendment interpretation in mind as I describe below the guidelines for commenting on this blog.

I encourage the free exchange of ideas, but hate speech, incitements to violence, and any type of speech that is not protected under the first amendment will not be protected here.

A favorite expression of mine applies here as well: freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. You have a right to say that you think I’m a *bleeping* bleep* face, but I have no obligation to leave that comment up.

I’m a writer and I work hard to use words wisely. I hope you’ll all do the same in this sapce so we can enjoy the conversation.

This is how you contact me: